'I AM HARDSTYLE': by fans, for followers

Over the past 15 years Hardstyle has been more than just a music genre for me. It’s been there for me in good and bad times. It cheered me up when I felt down and it made me euphoric when I felt good. Hardstyle has always been a way of life for me, way more than just a music genre.

Let’s show the world Hardstyle is much more than a music genre and why it’s our passion in life!

During the years I’ve received many letters, telling unique stories of what Hardstyle has meant to you in special moments in your lives. This is something that hasn’t left me untouched, and feel now it’s time to use this energy and give something back to the scene.

As a first step I want to ask all my fans to send me all their Hardstyle inspired photo’s, whether it’s a tattoo, a fan photo or even a bedroom decked out in Hardstyle decor. I want to see and hear your many stories so I can collect them and bundle it all in an exclusive book: 'I AM HARDSTYLE’; by fans, for followers.

Please send all submissions to: iamhardstyle@brennanheart.com

This is only the beginning, so make sure to keep a close eye on my website and socials for all 'I AM HARDSTYLE’ news.

To be continued.. #IAMHARDSTYLE

Tour Dates

Jul 28
Emmaboda Festival     Emmaboda     SE
Jul 30
Lake Festival     Unterpremstätten     AT
Aug 05
WKND Baltic     Parnu     EE
Aug 06
WKND Helsinki     Helsinki     FI
Aug 12
Electrisize     Erkelenz     DE
Aug 13
Dreambeach Festival     Almeria     ES
Aug 14
The Qontinent     Wachtebeke     BE
Aug 20
Decibel - The Festival     Hilvarenbeek     NL
Aug 20
Castle of Love     Kerkrade     NL
Aug 21
Decibel - The Weekend     Hilvarenbeek     NL
Aug 26
SEN Zomerfeesten     Neede     NL
Aug 27
Boerenrock     Kortenaken     BE
Aug 28
Mysteryland     Hoofddorp     NL

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